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Werther & Gray

EARTHLY DELIGHTS, Scented Candle, 8oz Jar

$ 19.00


Named after the Northern Renaissance oil masterpiece "Garden of Earthly Delights" (c. 1500) by Hieronymus Bosch, this delightful candle offers a cornucopia of earthy, woody and sweet fragrances. The label artwork originates from the center panel of Bosch's triptych and features a variety of whimsical and bizarre vignettes of humans and animals pursuing earthly pleasures.

FRAGRANCE: Teakwood, Patchouli, Water, Musk, Lilac & Berries


BURN TIME: Approx. 70 hrs
JAR: 3.5" x 3" Clear Glass
WAX COLOR: Dark Blue
CLOSURE: White Lid
SCENT CATEGORIES: Floral, Aquatic, Fruity